Course designing

Course works and course projects are carried out with the purpose of consolidation, deepening and generalization of the knowledge obtained by students while studying corresponding disciplines and involving into the complex solution of concrete professional problems.
How to organize course works (projects) is determined by the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” as well as a temporary provision “On the organization of the educational process of bachelors, specialists and masters in the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics.”
The subject of course works (projects) is determined by the objective of the academic discipline and is related to the practical needs of the speciality of Computer Engineering. The list of themes is approved at the meeting of the department before the beginning of the relevant semester.
A course work (project) should be carried out according to the following scheme:
– to define the theme and appoint the head of the course work (project);
– to compile a bibliography and perceive information sources on the selected theme;
– to develop a work plan;
– to write an entry where it is necessary to describe the relevance of the theme in practical and theoretical terms and to determine the object, subject, purpose and objectives of the course work (project);
– to work on the theoretical section of the plan:
a) to gather information on the theoretical section of the plan;
b) to write this section including a mandatory formulation of the conclusion which should indicate the methodological and theoretical basis for future research and (or) development;
– to select research methods and (or) development tools;
– to write sections of the work (project);
– to formulate general conclusions;
– to register materials of the course work (project);
– to defend the work (project).
The deadline for accomplishing the work stages is planned by the supervisor, approved on the task sheet and binding to execution.
The registration of a course work (project) must meet the requirements of GOST 3008-95 “The State Standard of Ukraine. Documentation. Reports in the Field of Science and Technology. Structure and Rules of Registration”.
A coursework (project) consists of a text part (explanatory note), a graphic part and may include applications on a computer storage medium.
The explanatory note of a course work (project) consists of an introductory and main parts and applications. The content of the explanatory note is determined by the design task and depends on the nature of the course work (project) being developed.
The graphical part of the course work (project) has to illustrate and supplement the sections of the text part of the course work (project). Graphic materials are drawn up in accordance with the current regulatory documentation and can be executed in the form of demonstration posters, drawings, schemes of various types either on paper or an electronic form and then submitted in the form of light-projecting and computer aids (as a computer presentation). A specific list of mandatory graphic materials is determined by the supervisor and indicated in the assignment for the course work (project).
Software applications, their demos, primary code, input data sets, calculation results, etc., may be developed on the computer information medium.
A course work (project) is presented before a commission of three teachers of the department, with the head of the course work (project) involving. The order of defence is as follows:
– a student states the content of his work within 5-10 minutes;
– a student answers the questions suggested by the staff of the department;
– the commission hears the supervisor’s report;
– a student responds to the commentary.
The results of the defence are assessed according to the national, one-hundred-point scale and the ECTS assessment scale. The rating evaluation has two components: one of them characterizes the quality of the explanatory note and graphic material, and the other one defines the quality of defence (the degree of mastering the material, the reasoning of the decisions, the ability to defend one’s opinion, etc.).
Course works (projects) are stored at the department for three years, after that they are written off in accordance with the established procedure.

Therein the following types of the department’s course works (projects) are to be mentioned:
– hardware of computer systems and networks;
– administration, design and optimization of computer networks;
– intellectual systems based on neuro- and fuzzy-technology;
– system software;
– native and cross-platform software;
– web-technologies;
– complexity theory of algorithms;
– basic data structures and algorithms for their processing;
– tabular data structures, graphs, trees and algorithms for their processing;
– theory of databases;
– development of DBMS and information systems;
– theoretical foundations and applied aspects of the operation of operating systems (OS)
– architecture and programming of web applications;
– support and promotion of projects;
– analysis and modelling of software systems;
– distributed systems and parallel computing;
– designing of software systems;
– neural computing systems.

The structure of the explanatory note of a course work (project) with the recommended volume of its individual parts (with computer composed type) is as follows:
– title page;
– course work (project) assignment;
– essay;
– content;
– list of characters, symbols, units, abbreviations and terms;
– introduction (1-2 pages);
– main part sections (25-40 pages);
– conclusions (1-2 pages);
– list of links (1-2 pages);
– appendices (as agreed with the supervisor, 20 pages at most).
The total volume of the explanatory note should be 35-50 pages on the basis of 29-30 lines per page (excluding the top and bottom margins).

Methodical Recommendations for Accomplishing and Organizing Course Works (Projects) of Full-time and Correspondence Students of Speciality 123 “Computer Engineering”.