Hostel No. 8

Hostel No. 8 of NURE is a typical brick 9-storey building located in the Student Town, surrounded by hostels of other educational institutions. This campus is located in the back of the block bordered by Klochkivska street and avenues: Ludwiga Svobody, Peremohy and Lozovenkivskiy. The nearest is Ludwiga Svobody avenue. This is a sleeping quarter in the north of the Shevchenko district of Kharkiv. In walking distance there is a metro station “Peremoha”. It should be borne in mind that hostel No. 7 of NURE has almost the same address. A slight difference is only in the alphabetic number of the house: the “eight” is at 51b, and the “seven” is at 51a.


Hostel No. 8 is designed to accommodate 640 students – this is the largest such indicator of all NURE hostels. In the rooms there lives 2-3 people. The hostel provides the furniture needed for study and rest: beds, tables, chairs, wardrobes. All the furniture that moves you can rearrange at your own discretion and convenience. The cosiness and cleanliness are created by the residents themselves. On the floors there common kitchens are located, equipped with everything you need for cooking. Restrooms and showers are also on the floors.

The notable feature of the hostel No. 8 is a chess&checker club where students learn to play checkers and chess, and also improve their skills for participating in tournaments.

For photography fans there is an opportunity to take beautiful photos from the upper floors of the building: the view is beautiful and panoramic.

In hostel No. 8 there are rules for living in a dormitories, common for all students and for all dormitories. The current administrative and economic issues are decided by the Head of the hostel No. 8, who also directs the life of the Hostel. Students’ interests are represented by the Student Council of the Hostel No. 8 and its Chairman. The guard at the checkpoint follows the control regime.