Disciplines (CEME)

Academic discipline Annotation CEMS Program
Embedded system
Administration of Computer Networks on the Windows Platform
Algorithms and data structures
Analysis of the performance of computer systems and networks
Hardware of Computer Systems
Architecture of Computers
Deep Learning and Neural Networks
Information security in computer systems and networks
Immune Computing Systems
Software engineering
Intelligent decision support and management systems
Computer Electronics
Computer Logic
Computer Processing of Sound and Images
Computer Networks
Computer Systems
Computer Systems for the Collection and Processing of Technological Information
Computer Management Systems
Corporate Computer Networks
Mathematical Packages in Modelling of Computer Systems
Machine Learning and Data Analysis
Microcontrollers and Microcontroller Systems
Methods and means of digital information processing
Methods for identifying threats in information and computer systems
Modelling of Systems
Multiservice Computer Networks
Object-oriented Programming
Organization of Databases
Fundamentals of Computer Computations
Fundamentals of Scientific Research, Organization of Science and Copyright
Fundamentals of the construction and functioning of OS
Parallel simulation on innovative HPC systems
Platform independent JAVA technologies in CE
Programming with Python
Designing Special Processors
Database Management Systems
System Software
System software for computer systems and networks
System Programming
System Interfaces and User Interfaces
Systems of digital information processing
Artificial intelligence systems
Special Sections of Computer Graphics
Modern data analysis technologies
Information and Coding Theory
Technology of Threat Detection in Computer Networks
Technologies for Designing Computer Systems
Functional Programming
Functional programming in the modeling of CS
Expert Systems
Elements of computer systems based on expert knowledge
Hardware Description Languages