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Congratulations to student Maksym Bondarenko on joining the IEEE community

We congratulate the student, Senator of the Student Senate, senior laboratory assistant at the Department of EC – Maksym Bondarenko on joining the community of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The department staff wishes success in scientific work for the benefit of domestic science.

Congratulations on joining the IEEE community

Student Mykhailo Hunko has joined the ranks of members of the IEEE international community and received the Student Member of IEEE status. Department Administration and Staff of the Laboratory of Reconfigured and Mobile Systems of the Department of EC, in which Gunko MA works as a senior laboratory assistant, congratulates him on this event and […]


Dear Colleagues – Members of IEEE, We would like to take this opportunity to cordially invite you to participate and submit your research for the *18th International Conference on Smart Technologies **IEEE EUROCON 2019*, taking place in Novi Sad, Serbia from *1st to 4th July, 2019*. FIRST PAPER SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 23rd, 2018. Please […]