Архивы за месяц March, 2020

Attention! Quarantine continued!

On March 11, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to introduce quarantine for all types of educational institutions.  In pursuance of the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 25, 2020 (No. 239). NURE has extended its quarantine according to the order No 148 d.d. March 30, 2020. Students of […]

NURE joined the program “Coursera Coronavirus Response Initiative”

o minimize the impact of coronavirus outbreaks (COVID-19) on students, the Coursera online learning community is making a global effort to help universities deliver online learning materials. To this end, the community is actively implementing the Coursera Coronavirus Response Initiative program.Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics has joined this program and is able to provide […]

According to the regulatory normative documents in KNURE, the package of organizational measures of CE faculty and the decision of the meeting of the department of March 12, 2020, from March 23, 2020 all kinds of classes at the department will be conducted using distance learning technologies. The basic service for distance learning is dl.nure.ua, […]

General recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Center for public health, the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture, and the World Health Organization recommend to follow the usual preventive measures to protect against a new coronavirus infection. More: https://nure.ua/en/general-recommendations-for-the-prevention-of-coronavirus