Congratulations to our colleagues on their election to the post of research and teaching staff!

According to the Decision of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Management and the Scientific Council of NURE – the following were selected for the competition:

  • Volk Maksym – professor of the department;
  • Kargin Anatoliy – professor of the department; (part-time);
  • Kuchuk Georgiy – professor of the department (part-time);
  • Mozhayev Oleksandr – professor of the department (part-time);
  • Romanenkov Yury – professor of the department (part-time);
  • Ilyina Iryna – associate professor of the department;
  • Olizarenko Serhiy Anatolievich – senior lecturer of the department;
  • Rosinskiy Dmytro – senior lecturer of the department;
  • Lukashov Serhiy – assistant of the department (part-time).

Congratulations to our colleagues and we wish you productive work at the Department of EC!

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