Department partner – IT company Chi Software started .NET internship

On April 5, 2021, the partner of the department, the IT company Chi Software, has launched a .NET internship for students of our university.

All talented students with basic knowledge in:
-c # syntax core / mvc
-relation databases
-algorithms and data structures
can get an in-depth level of knowledge and skills, and candidates who successfully complete all stages of preparation will be able to pass an interview for robots in projects of CHI Software.

The first stage of the internship is designed for 1.5 months and includes:
1. Initial testing: DDFZUOTM4RjVWU0c3VE5FTktFSkJQQjg0UkpHWi4u
2. Lectures from a technical specialist of the CHI Software company
3. Test task (1 week to complete)
4. Checking test items (1-1.5 weeks)
5. Interviewing the best candidates based on the results of the test task.

We invite students to take part in another vector of the formation of a successful IT specialist!


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