About the Department


The Department of Computing Machinery and Industrial Electronics was organized at the Kharkov Institute of Mining Machinery, Automation and Computer Engineering (HIGMAVT) at the end of 1961.

In 1963 after the division of the department it was renamed to the Department of Computer Science, and in 1967 on its basis two departments – Mathematical Programming & Modelling and Mathematical Machines – were organized. Since 1977 the department MM has been called the Department of Electronic Computers.

The Department of Electronic Computers actively cooperates with domestic and foreign companies and makes it possible to conduct internships and organize the practice of students with obtaining relevant skills and knowledge. Due to fruitful cooperation with the Department for training international students in the English-speaking environment, the Department of Electronic Computers trains foreign students in the speciality of Computer Systems and Networks in the English language, the number of foreign applicants increasing annually.

Scientific research work carried out at the Department of Electronic Computers is an additional base for the preparation of qualified teachers and masters in the basic disciplines of educational and scientific areas.

Students are engaged in scientific work under the guidance of experienced scientists and teachers who participate in international conferences and publish articles in professional journals. The results of research work are used during the teaching process in lectures and laboratory works on courses provided by the Department.

Since November, 2019 the Department has been headed by Doctor of Technical Science, Professor Andriy Kovalenko.