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In 2022 the Department of Electronic Computers was 58 years old! During that period it developed qualitatively and quantitatively, a great number of students being graduated.

Nowadays the Department is profiling in providing students with high-quality and sought-after knowledge in the field of computer engineering. Specialists in the field of computer systems and networks and system programming are trained at the Department.

The scientific direction of the Department is intellectual computing and digital technologies for processing information in real time. Within the framework of this main direction the staff of the Department conducts fundamental and applied scientific research in the corresponding thematic areas.

There is a group of teachers, post-graduate students, undergraduates and students working intensively in the field of developing specialized imaging tools. The results of research work are used in lectures and laboratory works on the courses taught at the Department.

Since 2020, the university has a new formula for financing departments. In this regard, the department is actively involved in the implementation of innovative technologies in the field of educational, scientific and administrative work. And based on the current realities of the coronavirus pandemic, the implementation of electronic document management and distance learning is rapid.

Welcome to the Department of Electronic Computers!