About Portal

evm-old-site-1The first version of the department’s website was developed in 2001 by students of the ZIKS-97-1 group (Poltoratsky Vladimir, Gayovich Alexei, Balagura Dmitry). Firstly, the site was only available on the university`s local computer network at http://evm.kture. Since 2007 the site has become available from the Internet at http://evm.kture.kharkov.ua. Physically it functioned on one of the servers of the department. The Internet Web Archive has retained this version: https://web.archive.org/web/ 20070601000000*/http://evm.kture.kharkov.ua.

In 2009, a new version of the site was launched, developed by the staff of the department (Filimonchuk M.A., Partyka S.O., Kalosha V.A., Lukhanina A.P.). Now this version of the site is still working, but is only available on the local computer network of the KNURE: http://eom.kture.

At the same time, from 2008 to 2015, the unofficial site of the department http://evm.icomys.com, developed by the graduate of the Department of Electronic Computers, Lukin Evgeny, functioned. Archive version: https://web.archive.org/web/ 20130503210931/http://evm.icomys.com.

From May 2015 to August 2016, there were two versions of the department’s website at https://dec.nure.ua. In the local network of the university there was a mirror of the site at http://dec.kture. The developers of the site were: Mitin Denis and Tkachov Vitalii.

Since August 2016 the portal of the Department of Electronic Computers functions at https://dec.nure.ua.

The goals of the portal are:

+ representation of the Department of Electronic Computers in the Internet;

+ formation of the image of the department and specialities, for which the students are being prepared;

+ compliance with the regulatory requirements for the presentation of the department on the Internet (orders No. 38Р of 14.04.2015 “About the transition to subdomain names in the domain nure.ua” and No. 42Р of 20.04.2015 “About the organization of separate web resources”);

+ providing information environment for applicants, students, graduate students, doctoral students, faculty and engineering support staff of the department;

+ providing openness and accessibility of information about activities of the department.

The tasks of the portal are:

+ fulfillment of requirements to sites of KNURE subdivisions established by orders No. 38Р of 14.04.2015 “About the transition to subdomain names in the domain nure.ua” and No. 42Р of 20.04.2015 “About the organization of separate web resources”;

+ presentation of up-to-date and reliable information about the department`s structure, staffing, types of activities; formation of the department`s image, its investment attractiveness;

+ presentation of advertising information for applicants;

+ informing all interested parties and parties about the scientific and educational activities of the department;

+ informing about the current activities of the department through the news block;

+ communication through social networks and through the department`s forum.