Modes of study

formy_navchThe department trains students in the following modes of study:

– full-time.

    The educational process for the day-time mode provides for personal contacts between a teacher and student, ensures acquiring deep systemic knowledge and sustainable skills. Full-time students are required to attend all classes according to the schedule ( and to timely fulfil the training tasks in accordance with the working curriculum and programs of credit modules.

– accelerated full-time.

– normative correspondence.

formy_navch-1The correspondence mode is a type of training that combines the features of self-study and full-time education. It is characterized by staging. At the first stage, a knowledge base and a methodology for self-mastering of educational information and skills formation (learning set) are obtained, at the second stage a correspondence student masters teaching material independently, fulfils the planned individual tasks, and the third stage is characterized by direct checking of the outcomes of studies (checking individual tasks, defending course projects / works, giving exams and tests, final certification, etc.). Whereupon, these stages are separated from each other in time according to the schedule of educational process of this mode.

Nowadays at the request of students and teachers the development strategy of the university allows to conduct distance classes (consultations) at the department. This is an option for implementing a hybrid mode based on the use of a set of modern technologies that provide information through the use of information and communication technologies. The main principles of distance learning are interactive communication, consulting support in the process of learning activities. This technology enables distance learning.