Scientific schools


The scientific schools of the department for more than 50 years of its research were distinguished first of all by those who headed the department. So during the 1960-80-ies the department authorized the scientific school of Anatoly Gavrilovich Evdokimov, Doctor of Technical Science, a well-known scientist in the field of mathematical modelling and control of pipeline systems in power engineering.


Beginning in the mid-1980s, there started to operate and develop the scientific school of Professor Oleg Rudenko, a well-known scientist in the field of intellectual information processing. After he was elected the head of the department in 1988, the tasks of his school became the main direction of scientific research at the department.

It was for the first time that scientists developed the theory and methods of designing specialized digital computers for fast processing of large data arrays based on the neural network approach, spline approximation and functional regeneration, which provided an opportunity to create new generation computing structures.

The methods for the synthesis of digital computers of a new generation have been developed that allow to perform the transformation of a wide spectrum with high efficiency, the maximum processing speed of large flows of incoming information in robotics, in visual environments of simulators of manned air and space vehicles, the Cosmonaut Training Centre named after Yu. Gagarin, NGO “Energia”, the Design Bureau named after O.K. Antonov as well as in systems of operative processing of space images and video information of environmentally dangerous situations, in the IT industry.

GUSIATIN Volodymyr

The development work of the scientific school enabled to solve an important economic problem of creating digital means for the problem orientation of systems and complexes of real-time information processing. Nowadays there is a set of theories, mathematical models and methods that provide the world level of designing highly effective problem-oriented tools for processing large data arrays in real time while using original scientific and technical solutions and modern information technologies created, and therefore Ukraine’s international authority as a high-tech state has been enhanced.

The research work on creating special processors for fast geometric transformations started under the guidance of Volodymyr Gusiatin in the second half of the 1980s. And all the time it was conducted at the Department of Electronic Computers. Now it is a full-fledged scientific school which has achieved significant results.



Over period of 2011-2015 there began to rapidly develop the scientific school of Professor Vadym Savanevych, a well-known specialist in the development of software for the detection of new space bodies. However, when the professor changed his main place of work, the school continued its functioning in Uzhgorod National University.

The events of 2013-15 significantly affected the functioning of scientific schools. The foundations were laid for creating the new scientific school of Professor Igor Ruban, a well-known scientist in the field of cybersecurity and image processing systems.