Scientific specialities and mentors

The training of applicants for higher education for the degree of Ph.D. in postgraduate studies is carried out according to the educational and scientific program and curriculum approved by the academic council of KNURE for each specialty. At the Department of EC, postgraduate training is carried out in the following specialties: 123 – computer engineering and 126 – information systems and technologies.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 23, 2016 No. 261, the following basic provisions on the institution of leadership (consulting ) graduate students and doctoral students:

  • the postgraduate student, simultaneously with his enrollment, is appointed by the corresponding order of the rector of NURE, a scientific supervisor from among the scientific and pedagogical workers with an academic degree at the department;
  • the scientific supervisor of the graduate student carries out scientific supervision of the work on the dissertation, provides advice on the content and methodology of scientific research of the graduate student, controls the implementation of the individual plan of scientific work and the individual curriculum of the graduate student and is responsible to the Academic Council of NURE for the proper and timely fulfillment of the duties of the scientific advisor;
  • a scientific supervisor who is a doctor of science can carry out simultaneous scientific supervision (consulting), as a rule, no more than five applicants for scientific degrees, including those who receive a scientific degree of doctor of science;
  • a scientific supervisor with a Ph.D. degree can simultaneously supervise the work on dissertations, as a rule, no more than three applicants for a Ph.D. degree;
  • a scientific consultant can train only one doctoral student;
    for the implementation of scientific supervision of the work on the dissertation of one graduate student, the scientific advisor is allocated annually 50 academic hours of the study load;
  • by the decision of the Academic Council of NURE, two scientific supervisors can be appointed with an appropriate distribution of teaching hours and responsibilities between them.

The most productive scientific supervisors from among the full-time teachers of the department are:

  • prof. Gorbachov V. – successfully defended Ph.D. dissertations: prof. Volk M., assoc. prof. Sarancha S., Stepanenko V.;
  • prof. Volk M. – successfully defended Ph.D. dissertations: Gridel R., assoc. prof. Filimonchuk T.;
  • prof. Zavyzistup Yu. – successfully defended Ph.D. dissertations: Mohammad Amin Saleh, prof. Kovalenko A.