Startups and innovative projects

If you characterize a startup in simple words, as it was done here, then this is some kind of new commercial project, translating it into the masses, the creator will make a profit, provided that the idea is successfully developed.

Classic Startup is something new, unique and exclusive; that no one has yet invented and implemented for you.

Nowadays, the term “startup” is very popular, although the bulk of the population incorrectly uses this word. A startup is not very strong in the market and there is not always enough capital to launch it, which is a weakness. In Europe, similar projects are created and implemented by students. Sometimes such firms are called “garage”.

In our department, as part of the activities of scientific circles, under the guidance of experienced mentors, there are a number of student startup projects. In particular:

  • Development of a computer system for diagnosing and correcting impaired hand coordination (mentor Olexandr Yankovsky);
  • Modeling environment for distributed hybrid computer systems (mentors Maksym Volk and Tatyana Filimonchuk);
  • Software cluster for parallel processing of big data (mentor Vitalii Tkachov);
  • Hardware and software complex for monitoring energy consumption readings (mentor Heorhiy Ivashchenko);
  • Hardware and software complex of surveillance system management (mentor Heorhiy Ivashchenko);
  • Hardware and software complex for determining and logging location data (mentor Heorhiy Ivashchenko);
  • Hardware and software complex of door opening control (mentor Heorhiy Ivashchenko).