Permanent commission on scientific work and grading of postgraduate students at the department

Andriy Kovalenko
Commission chairman

M. Volk
Commission member

V. Gorbachov
Commission member

O. Mikhal
Commission member

T. Fesenko
Commission member

G. Ivashchenko
Commission member

O. Lebediev
Commission member

V. Tkachov

V. Martovytskiy
Commission member

A permanent commission for scientific work and certification of graduate students at the Department (hereinafter referred to as the SW Commission) was created in 2017 to organize the scientific work of the department, prepare decisions for meetings of the department for certification of graduate students of the department, coordinate scientific work with the research part university. The current composition of the SW Commission was approved by the Order No. 17-2019/2020, 02/07/2020 (as amended on 31.08.2020 (Order No. 3-2020 / 2021), dated 15.10.2021 (minutes No. 25)).

In its activities, the SW Commission is guided by: the provisions of “Strategies and promising directions for the development of educational, scientific and innovative activities of KNURE”, the Regulations on the Department of Electronic Computers and other regulatory support of the university.

The purpose of the commission is to coordinate scientific work at the department, prepare proposals for consideration at meetings of the department to address issues of organizing research work at the department, and the like. The commission reviews the reports of graduate students preparing for approval at a meeting of the department. The commission organizes its activities on the basis of the annual work plan, which is approved at a meeting of the department at the beginning of the academic year.

The commission includes: the head of the department, the deputy head of the department for scientific work, the person responsible for communication with the department of postgraduate studies and doctoral studies, responsible for the research work of students, a clerk for scientific work at the department, other experienced specialists of the department. The composition of the WR Commission is revised, if necessary, and approved by the relevant order of the department.

The WR Commission meets as needed, as planned. Decisions and recommendations are made by an open vote by a simple majority of votes. The decisions made are submitted to the meeting of the department for their implementation.

The Secretary of the WR Commission draws up a report on the work done for the academic year, which is considered and approved at a meeting of the department at the end of the academic year.